It Comes Down To Choice-part:1

Comes Down To Choice

It Comes Down To Choice

Every day we get to make choices.
Some of these choices are insignificant, like which socks you are going to put on in the morning.
Others can change your life forever, for example deciding that you will never smoke again. Whatever choices we make we have to accept the consequences of them whether good or bad.

If you have from this point forward chosen to live a healthy lifestyle, it is your responsibility to follow through on this. What I will ensure is you know the things that you’re going to have to do.
Let’s be clear here. Living a healthy, happy life depends on you implementing a healthy lifestyle. Implementing a healthy lifestyle depends on the choices you make.

Let’s look at a few obvious examples.
• You choose to spend your free time today watching Television or alternatively you choose to spend one hour in the gym. • You choose to eat a greasy fry up for breakfast or alternatively you choose oatmeal and fruit.• Every time you’re thirsty you choose to drink coca cola or alternatively you choose water. • After a difficult meeting you choose to drown your sorrows with alcohol or alternatively you spend 30 minutes unwinding and relaxing through meditation.

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