Is Your Favorite Jewelry Accessory Making You Look Older?


Whether they were accented with fringe, beads, or gemstones, adornment and statement earrings took over in 2017. There’s no questioning their ability to create Associate in Nursing outfit, however some by the mere truth of hardware developed the name of being a trifle significant. That referred to the question—could they be stretching out your earlobes?, Is Your Favorite Jewelry Accessory Making You Look Older?.

Is Your Favorite Jewelry Accessory Making You Look Older?

In a word, yes. That’s to not say earrings ar the sole blame or the sole cause. Our earlobes have the potential to stretch out as we have a tendency to age—but consistent weight pull them down may create it happen sooner.

Droopy earlobes are some things board-certified surgeon Dr. Melissa Doft says she sees all the time in her workplace. “In several cases, the patients ar older-50s+, however typically they’re young patients UN agency are sporting significant earrings since they were teenagers and therefore the weight of the earrings have stretched their earlobes. i believe there’s a rise in patients raising this concern. the rise mirrors the modification in fashion from smaller earrings to statement jewellery. Moreover, there’s a rise as a result of ladies ar commencing to become aware that they will be ready to fix the matter with a straightforward answer.”

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Double board-certified cosmetic and rehabilitative facial surgeon Dr. Dara Liotta says that another cause, unrelated to accessories, could be a loss of fat within the earlobes that happens over time, inflicting the lobe to skinny. a signal of this can be stud earrings tipping forward and down.

So what’s this straightforward solution? once thinness is that the issue, not size, Dr. Liotta says that filler are often wont to “plump the lobe and permit the jewelry to take a seat higher.”

Dr. Melissa Doft conjointly offers this answer in her apply. “Hyaluronic acid will simply and fairly painlessly be injected into the lobe,” she adds. “This could be a less sensitive location than the nasolabial lines and lips. because of a scarcity of facial muscles, the fillers tend to last longer during this location such a large amount of patients can have re-injections each 1-2 years.”