Nutrition for kids: Guidelines for a healthy diet


Go! Chefs is a hands on cooking and nutrition education program to get young people ages 6 through 21. Our kids cooking courses introduce youth to the joys of enjoying and preparing Real food that’s both nutritious and tasty – an important step toward wellness and wellbeing. Pupils learn fundamental cooking abilities, the pleasure of cooking and eating with fresh fruits and vegetables, Kids Nutrition and the way to become potential and conscious consumers in a market which spends millions to convince kids to eat high calorie, low nutrient solutions. The program culminates in an annual Iron Go! Chefs competition wherein basic and middle school groups from our Neighborhood Schools and Centers throughout the city come together to fight their peers for the best tasting and healthiest dish.

Pupils create original recipes including one non meat protein, two vegetarianism and fruits of various colors, and one entire grain, and cook it endure for a panel of expert judges. In addition they prepare for a Nutrition B where they’re quizzed on the nourishment concepts they understand throughout the entire year. Iron Go! Chefs makes healthful eating a cause for celebration. Click here to see highlights from the 2012 Iron Go! Chefs contest. Childrens Aid started Go! Chefs from the year 2006 and it immediately grew in the after school programs in Childrens Aid community schools and centers. In 2008, Childrens Aid, Kids Nutrition in conjunction with the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York and the Department for Youth and Neighborhood Development, piloted a technical help and also training program called Fun Food, Kids Nutrition Smart Food to get middle schoolers from 12 Out-of School Time websites. It combines the fundamental tenets of our Go! Chefs program with an introduction to project based advocacy.