Los Angeles Personal Injury and Car Accident Attorneys


The allure of a motorcycle is undeniable. The feeling of open air, the scenery, the camaraderie with some other bikers all come together to create a feeling of freedom and adventure, Los Angeles Personal Injury and Car Accident Attorneys.

Everything about it’s just so cool and fun and thrilling except if you or another biker gets into a motorcycle accident. Things may get tough for a while you heal or look after your mates and attempt to make sure everything works out for the best.

Los Angeles Personal Injury and Car Accident Attorneys

Some bikers think they do not have a lot recourse after an accident. It is part of life on the highways, they think, but you’ve a right to a personal injury claim just as much as anyone else who’s a victim of negligence.

Make certain you are protecting your rights to ride if you get in a ccident. 75% of motorcycle accidents involve collisions with another vehicle, where failure of motorists to recognize motorbikes is the leading cause.

In single vehicle accidents caused by motorcycle error, slideouts due to overbraking are the primary cause, but the motorists still fail to respond responsibly to the slideouts and are usually still negligent.

The main behaviour in motorist negligence against a motorcycle is making a left hand turn whilst the motorcyclist is driving straight. Weather is a factor in only approximately 2% of accidents involving motorcycles.

The median pre crash speed in a motorcycle accident is 29 MPH. This isn’t an unsafe speed so long as it’s lawful for the road. Almost 50% of fatal accidents involve alcohol. The vast majority of those accidents show considerable collision avoidance, including failure to brake, overbraking, or lack of capability to countersteer. Do not drink and ride. Large displacement motorbikes are underrepresented in accident data, but when they’re in collisions, the harm is much worse. Safety helmets are the most important factor in preventing death in an accident.