Tom Brady Contract Extension


Tom Brady Contract Extension, Its final, Tom Brady has extended his contract with the New England Patriots. It’s Been verified that Brady signed the 4 year contract extension. His salary for this year has been scheduled to pay him $3.5 million and he’s now collecting.5 million for the 2010 season.

On the next two seasons his wages will fall to $5.75 million, but in 2013 along with 2014 it’ll jump back around $9.75 million. Wish to hear about his bonuses? They didn’t leave Tom Brady only making a whopping $5.75 million or $9.75 million. Next season he will get $4 million in roster or her incentives and another million divide around the subsequent 3 seasons carrying him through 2014.

Tom Brady Contract Extension

How about a few exercise bonuses? For the following four seasons, he could earn an additional $250, 000 only for exercising! That is an additional million dollars in his pocket whenever he makes the decision to reach for it. They never understand when a career ending accident can get their way. Thus Tom Brady and his representative closed on $48.5 million guaranteed money.

/’This means if he gets hurt following week, he’s still getting paid $48.5 million. On top of the promises, he might take home an additional $21 million dollars in bonuses. In the case of an injury there is no method to take home the roster bonus along with work out bonus.